It is a very difficult decision to make for a woman. The time to leave a relationship is not a decision made lightly, especially when there are children involved.

When Is It Time To Leave A Relationship?

In the beginning, it’s always great. You’re in love and on top of the world. You get married and/or move in together. You spend all your time together and there’s not one thing you would change about your partner. Life is good. But life carriers on: you have to work, maybe you have children together, […] Read more…

Do you feel like you are drowning in your relationship? Does it feel like you get pulled in just in time to be thrown out again?

When The Relationship Is Sinking

I wrote this at a particularly low point in my life. I actually had totally forgot about it, as is often the case when things are going well. The memories and feelings I had buried so deep swept up to the surface so quickly and easily when I read it the other day. I thought […] Read more…

Are you looking to change your life but are not a risk taker. Here's a 5 Point Plan to make a life change without causing you stress.

Life Change:5 Point Plan For Non-Risk Takers

If I had to make an analogy of my life change philosophy, I would have to say I’m like the tortoise. I am comfortable plodding along at a decent pace, taking time to smell the roses, double-check my directions, and sometimes back-track. It may take me longer to get to the finish line but I […] Read more…

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