Symptoms & Management

Information about symptoms and management for caregivers of people that have Bipolar Disorder.

As the caregiver of a bipolar spouse, I have an opinion about whether suicide is selfish. You may not agree with me but hopefully you will understand why.

Is Suicide Selfish? A Caregiver’s Point Of View

There has been a lot of talk and backlash from the mental health community about the use of the word “selfish” in regards to suicide. I felt as though I had to speak out as the caregiver of a bipolar spouse. You may not agree with me but hopefully you will at least be able […] Read more…

I do believe that cancer is accepted as an illness and spoken about openly and mental illness is not. But here is why I don't think you should compare mental illness and cancer.

Please Stop Comparing Mental Illness To Cancer

I have had something building up inside me for a weeks and I have to spill it. It was Mental Health Awareness Week around the world and everywhere I looked, someone was posting a statement about the “openness” of discussing cancer and the mental illness “stigma”. I am completely flabbergasted that even well known organizations […] Read more…

Bipolar manic symptoms include paranoia, delusions and obsessiveness. Can mental illness and conspiracy theories be dangerous to your stability?

Mental Illness and Conspiracy Theories

As the world mourned the events in France this month, the conspiracy theorists were busy at work creating videos and writing posts to refute all information coming from the media, enforcement agencies and government press releases. Before the sirens even stopped ringing, they were uploading. Just like every other source, there is a rush to […] Read more…

My personal experience with online dating and a bipolar person in a manic phase. Includes easy to read Bipolar Symptoms Infographic.

Bipolar Symptoms:Online Dating Sites And Mania

My husband and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We have a wonderful relationship but it has taken a lot of hard work and patience to achieve the level of contentment and symmetry we have now. The beginning of our relationship was fun but fast. I doubt either one of us had time to […] Read more…

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