Living with and loving a partner, spouse or family who has Bipolar Disorder.

In many ways, my marriage is no different than anyone else’s marriage. But living with someone that has a mental illness (bipolar) adds another element to the mix of usual. It can be very trying, exhausting and difficult.

Living And Thriving In A Bipolar Marriage

In many ways, my marriage is no different than anyone else’s marriage. This is the second marriage for both my husband and I. We both have children from previous marriages. We both have ex-spouses that are still involved in our lives on a daily basis. We have extended families with varied backgrounds, sprinkled all around […] Read more…

The most difficult symptom of mania for spouses/partners is the hypersexuality in bipolar disorder. Even amongst all the chaos, hostility and upheaval that can occur, cheating can bring all the understanding and sympathy to a screeching halt.

Sex And The Manic Mind

What is this incessant need you have to prove to yourself and others that you’re sexy and desirable? It’s not good enough that you go out and flirt with other women or engage with them on social media, you have to tell me about it too. Is this a male thing? A bipolar thing? Or […] Read more…

Relationships can be like a see-saw. One carries more of the load then the other at times. But constant score keeping may be ruining your relationship.

Are Scorecards Ruining Your Relationship?

At the beginning of a relationship, it is pretty common to keep scorecards. “I call/text more than he/she does.” “I said ‘I love you first.’” “I break my plans more often to be with them.” “I’m more committed to the relationship.” “I initiate sex more often.” But when the relationship becomes exclusive and it is […] Read more…

It is a very difficult decision to make for a woman. The time to leave a relationship is not a decision made lightly, especially when there are children involved.

When Is It Time To Leave A Relationship?

In the beginning, it’s always great. You’re in love and on top of the world. You get married and/or move in together. You spend all your time together and there’s not one thing you would change about your partner. Life is good. But life carriers on: you have to work, maybe you have children together, […] Read more…

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