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Elena Peters




Fifty. Unfreaking believable. I know it is a cliché but where did the time go? It seems like yesterday I was finishing university and getting my first “real” job in an Accounting Office. Being a true Capricorn, I made major job changes every ten years, ending up at the age of 49 at a major international retail company in upper management. Unsatisfied and thankfully supported by my husband, I quit my job and began my journey of self-realization.

I spent the first six months cleaning and being the perfect housewife. And I soon found out that the more I did, the less everyone else did because, “Mom doesn’t work now, she will do it”. Strangely, this thankless and never-ending vocation did nothing to give me direction or purpose.

I literally fell into blogging through a back door, so to speak. My husband was diagnosed with Bipolar very soon after we were married. I would constantly be on social media, connecting with other spouses and people who have the same disorder. After a few Internet chats, I connected with a woman who had a blog about bipolar. She asked me to write some guest posts from a caregivers’ point of view. Most of those posts have now been transferred here and can be found under the category Bipolar. You can also find me talking about my experiences or on YouTube.

I fell in love with blogging and decided to create my own blog for midlife women. Thus, Living with Batman was born. I like to cover all topics concerning baby boomer women but have an affinity for quality of life posts. I love to help women find a new purpose and true happiness in the second halves of their lives. I hope to create a space that is filled with parts laughter, information and inspiration.



Join me as I share my humour and bits of wisdom as a woman entering the prime of her life. I’m not afraid, I’m walking towards the light! I look forward to retirement, afternoon naps, 4 o’clock suppers and speaking my mind. Sounds pretty awesome to me!


Personal, quirky, need to know info about me:

  • I am the youngest of 4 siblings.
  • I live in the city I was born in.
  • Huge, huge Corrie Street fan.
  • Deathly afraid of needles
  • Ironically, oldest son has type one diabetes.
  • Married the man of my dreams (second time’s a charm).
  • My husband is a native San Diegan and we hope to retire there.
  • Together, we have 4 wonderful children, 3 dogs, 2 cats & one very busy, noisy house!
  • We love them all but we are so ready for them to leave.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Oh and BTW, I live with a Bipolar, Addict (recovering), Treated (with medication), man.



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20 Comments on About Me

  1. Hi Elena!
    I learned about your blog from a blogger friend of mine just a while ago. And, the reason I paid a prompt visit to your blog is, we both sail in the same boat. My hubby is a Bipolar. I too came to know about his illness soon after marriage, 16 years ago. He who had this major manic episode last month. He is recovering, getting better by the day. But, it has taken its toll on me. I do try and keep my spirits high, and myself positive, but then. I am human. I too have my lows, which leave me feeling helpless.
    I am so glad to have found you and your blog. Feels good to know I am not alone. I know there are countless people just like me, but not all are open to sharing their experiences and stories.

    Will keep visiting your blog often. I know how much I need to read stories that resonate with me!

  2. Loved finding out a little more about you. At 53 my children have flown and am about to receive no 8 grandchild . My daughter has bipolar, so I know how hard this can be. I started blogging for a challenge. I didn’t even know how to send an email when I started! I have learned a lot but still have a lot to learn too
    Laurie x

  3. I was trying to comment on your “mid life bloggers” post but for some reason I cannot… I’d love it if you would include me in your list and maybe check out my blog. I’m NSFW most days because I’ve been writing about my post-split sexual adventures and journey to not be afraid anymore. I’m “only” 42 but perhaps it counts 🙂

    I’m glad you’ve pulled together so many bloggers in our age range because I do think so much is targeted toward a younger demographic. I read with interest the recent articles on Tinder and thought “don’t they realize the behavior they describe isn’t limited to 20-somethings?!”

    Perhaps I should write about that 🙂

    • You should always write about what inspires you Ann. There will always someone out there that will relate to your experiences and wisdom. Sorry, but I have turned off comments on that post because so many were coming in every day. I will definitely check your blog out. Thank you so much for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

  4. Hi!
    1. 3000 followers! Wow! How long have you been blogging?
    2. You don’t look 50!
    3. I wrote you on Facebook but I didn’t hear back. Mostlyblogging.com is my new site. Could you please follow that instead? Thanks,

  5. Haha I’m amazed, a Coronation Street fan? Really? I didn’t know people outside the UK watched it. Me too. I live near Manchester. Well fancy that 🙂

    • Oh gosh, it’s big in Canada. That’s why all the stars from the show travel and do Shows here. It is on the CBC here, the equivalent to your BBC. Only once did they pre-empt the show for some breaking news. They received so many complaint calls that there literally could be a nucleur war break out and they wouldn’t do it again. I have been watching for almost 40 years! Definately on my wish list for my next visit to my sister in UK.

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