Check out what celebrities are embracing knitting and why it is good for your health.If you are anything like me, when the weather starts to turn colder, you spend more and more time inside. If I could hibernate the winter away, I swear I would. Please don’t tell me I should get involved in winter sports because that would make me enjoy it more. No, it wouldn’t. I can’t wait till my hubby retires and I never have to see a damn snowflake again.

Anyway, the best way I find to widdle the winter away is by knitting or crocheting. It is almost as cozy as sitting in front of a fire. It makes me feel all warm inside. Keeping my fingers and my mind moving has so many positive benefits, it is no wonder that celebrities like

  • Christina Hendricks,
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones,
  • Ryan Gosling,
  • David Arquette,
  • Scarlett Johansson,
  • Sarah Jessica Parker,
  • and Julia Roberts,

to mention a few, have taken up knitting. Research has shown that knitting or crocheting is really good for you for the following reasons:


5 Ways Knitting Is Good For Your Health


1. Relaxation. The repetitive nature of knitting and crocheting can be equivalent to meditation and yoga. A relaxed state lowers your stress levels and reduces your blood pressure and heart rate.

2. Helps with depression and chronic pain. The rhythmic movements can distract thoughts about the past, present or future and make you concentrate on the task you are doing.

3. Keeps your hands out of cookie jar. Don’t gain winter weight, knit! Keeping your hands busy can also help you quit smoking.

4. Stave off dementia. Research has shown that the back and forth eye movement required for knitting keeps the brain active and improves memory.

5. Feel good. If you are having health issues, or you are unemployed, you can make yourself feel useful and purposeful by knitting. Knitting is a great habit that yields you a sweater or scarf! And, you have something positive to post to your Facebook timeline. 

Knitting is such a wonderful distraction too. For the two years that my mother was in and out of hospitals, I knit and crocheted a lot. It was a great way to pass the time at her bedside while she napped. My mother loved to watch me and discuss my progress. I kept the projects very simple because I knew that I had to be able to drop what I was doing and be able to pick up where I left off often. I believe I knit 3 sweaters and several blankets over those two years. Here is one of the blankets I crochetted.

Instructions for how to make this blanket: Using colour A, chain stitch for a length of 4 feet. Turn and double crochet, back and forth, till you reach desired length. Using colour B, double crochet around the edge, creating a border for 6 inches. Change back to colour A and continue border for one more inch. Cast off.

Do you like to needlework and what have you made lately?

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  1. This is the last thing I expected to read on your blog.
    Why kickboxing is right for you.
    How to incorporate hand to hand combat in your daily life.
    Shit like that.
    hahahah 🙂

  2. I was inspired to learn to knit a few years ago when I sat for 6 years of my daughter’s high school and collegiate volleyball games with other moms who knitted and crocheted at the games. I started crocheted with the big needles or hooks? and took a free lesson at Michael’s craft store. Then I started grad school and gave it up. I admire people like you, Elena, who excel at that hobby! I pinned this to my Leisure Education board, and also shared!