My family has gone through bad times because of bipolar disorder symptoms. Here's the reason why I share my experiences with bipolar,even if it is embarrassing.

Why I Don’t Hide My Experiences With Bipolar

It what seems ages ago, my husband and I went through a really rough patch known as hypomania. Actually, he loved it. It was me who was distraught and miserable. You see, while my husband had no problem finding like minded individuals online going through or having experienced the exact same phase of bipolar disorder as […] Read more…

How do you differentiate “normal” feelings from “bipolar” feelings?

Is It Emotions Or Bipolar?

Mood swings for bipolar people can be very drastic and can occur as often as hourly, especially during relapses. When the emotions are extreme, it can be easy to associate them with the disorder. But what if they’re not polar? Do you know if feelings are normal emotions or bipolar symptoms? It can be difficult […] Read more…

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