Suzie Speaks

The Adventures of a Thirty Something Life

I’m a thirty – three year old former teacher from England. I live with The Bloke, a very patient man who has been my partner-in-crime for the last five years, and our two cats.

I am in the process of changing my life and becoming self-employed, and I am gradually figuring out what I should be doing with my time!

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Jennifer Koshak

Unfold and Begin

Jennifer is a post 50 boomer, trying new things, having fun and laughing.
She hopes this blog will inspire you, make you think or failing that….make you laugh because laughter is definitely the spice of life!


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Kimberley Montgomery

Fifty Jewels
Life’s full of fun stuff, and that’s what I bring to you. Cool things, great places and clever ideas to help you add more delight to your day. After all, life is choices — let’s make good ones.
I raised two daughters–mostly as a single mom and, while they were at school, I built an art and design business working out of a spare room. I’ve been a professional illustrator and business owner for a long, long time now, and I work with many of the major manufacturers and retailers in the nation.
I created this blog for women who love fun, crave the unique and are totally behind choosing joy.

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Jill Robbins

Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

My name is Jill Robbins. I’m a wife, mom, freelance writer and blogger.

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I don’t have all the answers but the question should always be “would you like wine with that?”

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Lee Gaitan

Your Bad Bounce Expert. As a woman “of a certain age,” I am a certified expert on bad bounces (and short of having spandex panels grafted onto my thighs, I am destined to bounce even more with each passing year). I also know about the more serious kinds of bad bounces. Divorce, death, financial devastation — I’ve experienced them all in midlife, and I know they are no laughing matter. Yet, I also know that during those difficult times my sense of humor was my saving grace. Finding small moments of laughter within the pain helped me develop the resiliency I needed to survive. I bounced back and you can too!

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 border=Rosemond Perdue

Round and Round Rosie
Rosie is a divorce blogger who shares tales of divorce, dating, and all things that make up life over 40. Sometimes the topics are humorous, sometimes helpful; but always as honest as can be.

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FAIRY DUST - BETA (1)Sara Duggan


I’m Sara a blogger turned virtual assistant. I enjoy brainstorming blog topics and developing custom content strategies for my clients. I’m married, a mother of 2 boys, and enjoy crocheting and Korean dramas.

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Want to take advantage of all my hard work, excessive hours on social media and love of helping other bloggers succeed?

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