Are you sick of Facebook yet? The past few months have been BRUE-TAHL! And it has taken all of my strength not to get involved in the debates. It ain’t easy. Especially when people share stories or voice opinions based on half truths. But I am not going to go there.

First off, let me tell you that my refusal to be pulled into debating the politics of another country does not make me an ostrich or un-informed. Most of us that are silent are well aware of everything going on in the world but WE understand that Facebook is not the medium for having intellectual conversations. As noted by the name calling and furious un-friending that has taken place.

So let me be clear…

I want to see your grandbabies

and your funny cat videos,

your vacations,

and the concerts you attend.

I want to rejoice in you getting all the snow this year.

And I want to see your crafts, your recipes and what you are having for dinner at your favorite restaurant.

You can call me shallow if you want. I”m a big girl and I am in charge of how I want to engage. And I choose to do it with funny meme’s and gratitude for the blessings in my life. How about you?