Well it seems I’ve come full circle. To some I’m sure I appear to be scatter brained or indecisive. To others, downright crazy. And maybe all those things are true but I am thrilled with my decision. I am relaxed and happy to claim a new home for my personal blog back on the WordPress dot com platform.

I have to admit that I got caught up in the business of blogging. I went with the flow. Other people were making money by monetizing their sites, sharing affiliate links, providing services and creating products and I followed suit. I never really thought about why or if it was in line with my personal life goals. I just did it. And as time went by, I became increasingly unhappy and less productive in all aspects of my life.

In October, I went to Florida for 3 weeks and literally fell off the edge of the planet. I had no reliable internet connection. At first I freaked out but guess what, I survived and dare say, I flourished. That time away from social media and everything blogging brought everything together for me. It was finally abundantly clear to me what I wanted but especially what I didn’t want. I didn’t want to be chained down to a business, even if it was my own and successful. Didn’t I leave the corporate world years ago because of all the feelings I am having now? Why the hell did I put myself right back there again?

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The direction I had put myself on was making me miserable and I needed to own that and change it, no matter how ridiculous I looked. I also had to let go of the thoughts that held me back and told me I was throwing away all I had built up to this point. Seriously? You are going to start at square one again?! I finally embraced the answer, yes. Yes, I am. I needed a platform that would let me be me, without thinking about the consequences it would have on my business.


5 Reasons I Went Back To WordPress Dot Com

1. The Maintenance

I am so sick of keeping up with all the updates, changes, my site going down, needing to get expert advice with problems and dealing with hackers trying to access my site. Done.  D  O  N  E. Done. I just don’t want to deal with any of that crap anymore. Maybe I will flip again and want the challenge but for now, I just want to write and share. And that is after my real life. Not the other way around.

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2. The Choices

I should have known that more choices for me is not necessarily a good thing. Self-Hosted blogs have endless possibilities and new tools and processes are constantly being introduced. I was on the “I have to have the latest and be on top of what everyone else is using” bandwagon. I’m getting off. Simple is better for so many reasons.

3. The Money

Eek! I don’t even know how much I was spending monthly on my blog. (Don’t tell my husband!) And while yes, I was making more than enough to cover my expenses, those costs are what kept me on the track I was on for so long. I had no choice but to continue so that I could pay those bills. By eliminating the outflow of cash, I can now decide how I want to go forward without the pressure. If I choose to make services available, I can still do that here. And that will make it all profit. (minus time of course)

4. The Business

Can I admit I feel dirty by the whole business of blogging as a business? It seems like people are always trying to sell me stuff. Enough already. It is time to take back my social media feeds and use them as they were originally intended, social. Besides, I don’t actually have to sell on my blog. I still have profitable courses available on Teachable about how to use Pinterest. If people are interested, they can go there. I don’t need to flog on my blog. (That sounds bad but I am leaving it.)

5. The Environment

When I originally started on the WordPress dot com platform, I really enjoyed blogging. I also made a lot of really good blogging friends that I am still connected with today. Unfortunately, I must admit that I have neglected some of them. Entirely my fault and I will also admit that I was one of those snobs who looked down their nose at anyone who wasn’t self-hosted. I’m sorry about that. Turns out, you were the smart ones who kept it real. I want back into the gang. Back into connecting through the wonderful WordPress Reader. Finding, exploring and enjoying new blogs and bloggers just for the sake of reading. That’s the environment I want back.

Am I little upset about seeing my traffic count that was over 300,000 start at zero again? Yes. But I also know that I need to let go of statistic stalking and focus on what makes me happy. And that is connecting with others and reading for the sake of entertainment, not business. I love to learn new things and teach others what I have figured out thus far, both as a midlife woman and as a blogger.

I can do that here, in my new home.

Have you ever made any drastic changes in your blogging life? I would love to hear about it.

P.S. I am still in the process of set up so please excuse the mess. Let me know if you find old code floating around within posts or pages or if you see links that don’t work.

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Comment from my bloggy friend Terri Webster Schrandt of Second Wind Leisure:

We must have drank the same water, as I am in process of going back to wordpress dot com as well. I love photography and photo challenges. When I went to self hosting, my site was not secure and my posts would not show up in the community thumbnails. When I started this 2 years ago, I can easily attribute over 800 followers alone to the weekly challenge. Photography is a fun, creative hobby, and adding leisure education to the posts is the best thing I’ve done. Teaching is a demanding job, which I love, and I don’t want the constant threat of figuring out my next blog post looming over me. Plus I love to write and ebooks are what I like to create…once again, on my own schedule. Thanks, my friend, for this wonderfully validating post. Best of luck…to us !

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