When people think of getting in shape, they automatically think that they must join a gym or get a personal trainer. And depending how far you have to go to reach your target weight…and how far over the age of 50 you are, a gym can be a little intimidating with all the young fit bodies in their cute little outfits. Joining a gym does not guarantee you results either unless you make going a habit. Too many people lose motivation after the first month, stop going and then they are stuck with a recurring payment for the rest of the year. That is a huge waste of money!  But getting in shape is honestly as simple as putting one foot in front of the other for a target of 10,000 steps a day.

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When I was working, I was on my feet for 9 hours a day. Mostly walking and doing a lot of stairs. It was so easy to keep the weight off and I always had tons of energy. Now that I am no longer working, I have to admit that I am mostly sedentary. I didn’t realize how much so until I purchased a Fusion Bio. It is similar to a Fitbit. Logging a few days of only 2,000 steps woke me up to the fact that I need to get moving. It also made it abundantly clear why I keep gaining weight, get out of breath going up a flight of stairs and have trouble sleeping at night.


There are many great reasons to walk. Your heart will get stronger, you’ll lower your blood pressure, and your bones will get stronger. Walking also eases stress, helps you sleep better, and can boost your outlook on life. WebMD


My problem is that I don’t actually leave the house very much at all. Right now, it is summer here and one of the hottest we have had in a very long time. The humidity is unbearable and going outside just makes me feel ill. I can’t even imagine going out there for a walk. I know I could go to the mall or grocery shopping but I am trying to stay on a budget and I think going to those places would work out my wallet more than my legs. So short of springing for a treadmill (mo’ money), I couldn’t figure out how I was ever going to get to my goal of 10,000 steps a day.

I spoke to my sister about it and she gave me a suggestion that one of her friends had passed on to her. And OMG it worked! I now easily reach my target of 8 kilometres a day! It is so simple, it will blow your mind.


Walk around the house during commercials when you are watching TV.


How freaking genius is that? I have actually taken it a bit further. Anytime you find yourself waiting, start walking around the house!

  • warming up something in the microwave
  • making coffee
  • boiling a kettle or water on the stove
  • talking on the phone
  • waiting for the dog to do his business outside


Use all of those opportunities when you would otherwise just be standing or sitting there staring, to be active and move. If you feel really energetic, do jumping jacks. You will be amazed at how all those little things will add up.


When you are ready to up your game:

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For those of you looking to purchase a fitness gadget to keep track of your steps, here is my review of the Striiv Fusion Bio Activity Smartwatch. This is not a sponsored post, nor did I receive it for free or receive compensation to write this. I did my research and bought it myself.

I have to admit that the number one reason I bought the Striiv Fusion Bio Activity Smartwatch is because I could buy the high end gadget with all the bells and whistles for a lot less than the comparable Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch.

Here are some of the features I love:

  • keeps track of steps
  • keeps track of distance
  • keeps track of steps climbed
  • keeps track of calories burned
  • keeps track of heart beats per minute
  • keeps track of total active minutes
  • syncs with phone to keep track of progress over weeks
  • comes with three different coloured bands, black, blue and red
  • large display screen
  • able to receive notifications from all of my apps on my iPhone, from a distance


I love being able to keep track of my steps and monitor my progress. I strongly recommend looking into purchasing a fitness gadget if you are having trouble getting motivated to get fit. Nothing feels better than having my Striiv Fusion Bio Activity Smartwatch vibrate and flash when I have met my goal.

If you have any other suggestions or tips on how you reach your target of 10,000 steps a day, please share them in the comments.