Are you stressed from seeing all the ads and promotions for courses all over your social media feeds from “6 figure bloggers”? Is it just another kick in the gut to you that says, “What’s wrong with you? You can’t even get pageviews!” Maybe you have even taken some of the courses with less than stellar results. Well, fear not. I am going to get you back on track, eliminate your fears and get you moving forward again without all the hype. It is as simple as answering 5 questions. I promise.

I love blogging. I would/have/am doing it for free, most of the time. If you divide the amount I have earned by the number of hours I have put in, you would need a few decimal places. That in no way implies that I would deny a shipment of a truckload of money. I am human. Getting paid for what you are passionate about is the ultimate joy I think. And kudos to those that are doing it.

What I am trying to say is that my love for blogging, helping others and creating a community, transcends even my own need for financial compensation. I give of myself a lot. Just ask anyone in my Facebook Blogging Group. Blogging is my passion and I hope that never changes even as my decimal place moves.

My problem is I have this over-whelming need to make people love blogging as much as I do. It’s a sickness really and I can go overboard. I have witnessed a lot of bloggers come and go in the last 3 years. I wish I could have saved them. They all start with such enthusiasm and gusto, then fizzle, burnout and simply fade away, never to be heard from again.

That is not to say that the thought of quitting hasn’t floated around in my mind. It has. More times than I care to remember. But when I go through those moments, my good blogging friends give me a good tongue lashing (I mean, pep talk) and I am back on track again. The one good piece of advice I have for you if you are in that place right now (wanting to quit) is to just stick it out and keep trying. I bet a majority of those “6 figure bloggers” I mentioned in the first paragraph were at it for years, and failed a million times before hitting their real stride and success. So there is hope for you too…if you don’t quit.

What was I supposed to talk about? Oh yeah. How to rock your blog.

Regardless of whether you are on a free blogging platform, self-hosted, use your blog as a journal or to enhance your business, or somewhere in between, you probably all want the same thing: to create a blog you are proud of and consistently grows followers/readers. You also want to enjoy the process, am I right?

The only way to do that is to periodically give yourself and your blog a check-up to see if you are both in tune with each other. (Yes, I am referring to your blog as its own entity.) Obviously, if you are thinking about quitting, you are definitely NOT on the same page. And your readers and followers can feel that through your writing and management of your blog.

Regardless of whether you need to totally change direction or just need a check-up to get you motivated about where your blog is headed, these questions are meant to sharpen your focus and help you plan the next steps ahead. When you become in tune with your blog, it is magic. That is how you rock your blog.

Regardless of whether you need to totally change direction or just need a check-up to get you motivated about where your blog is headed, these questions are meant to sharpen your focus and help you plan the next steps ahead. When you become in tune with your blog, it is magic. That is how you rock your blog.

5 Questions You Need To Answer To Rock Your Blog


1. What do you want for your blog?

If you say, “To make money.”, let me hit you with a wet noodle now. If that is your absolute, main reason for starting a blog, and this will be the only time I will ever say this, quit now. It can not be your soul purpose. Do you think professional athletes started off thinking, “Hey, I think I will take up baseball cause I want to make lots of money.”? No. They had to have passion and love the sport. Even rock stars and musicians don’t do it for the money. Some do it just for the chicks. If you got into blogging for the chicks, let me know how that works out for you. There are a lot more of us gals here in my blogging circles so I guess you never know.

Kirsten Thompson of Sweet Tea LLC does a great job explaining why money should not be your primary reason for blogging.

You need to know your why and then you will know your want. A great way to do that is to have a mission statement. A mission statement outlines what your blog is all about and what the reader can expect from you. Once you have crafted your mission statement, you can easily and quickly check in with your blog periodically to see if you are both still moving in the same direction. I suggest you do this every time you get the itch to quit. That is a hint that something is out of line. Either you or your blog need to adjust. That can either be a re-branding, a new blog or just a simple re-focus on your purpose.

Check out on how to craft a mission/brand statement.

2. What time-wasting tasks do you need to scale down/eliminate to achieve #1?

Wow. That one hit me between the eyes. I am especially guilty of this. Let’s face it. You are not spending 24/7 on social media building your brand and researching for future posts. You are not chatting all the time in private groups just for motivation or inspiration. You need to be accountable to yourself for the time you claim is related to “blogging”.

  • If only I had more time, my blog would be awesome!
  • I’m too busy to post/update content/create an opt-in/craft an email/develop a product.
  • I need to check on what absolutely EVERYONE else has posted today and take the time to comment and share cause that is what I was told would grow my blog.

Blah, blah, blah as my friend Rica from Yoga Mat Monkey would say in her post about our use of the word busy.

What tasks are stealing your time away from fulfilling what you want your blog to be?

3. What tasks do you know you need to do and how are you going to implement them?

Here’s the thing. I know I am overweight and unfit. I know how to eat healthy and that I should get my butt outta this chair and go for a walk. This is a prime example when, “It’s the thought that counts.” means nothing. You probably know what you need to do to make your blog better but what are you going to do about it?

Do you need to make a schedule, get a journal, take a course, join a group or tribe that will make you accountable?

Write down what you need to do and then make a solid plan, how and when you are going to get those things done.

4. What negative thoughts or actions are hindering your success and how can you squash them?

  • Linda started her blog at the same time and she has twice as many followers.
  • Cathy began blogging 3 months ago and she is making money and I am not.
  • Susan has way more time than I do to blog.
  • Kim is a much better writer than me.
  • I am no expert. Who’s going to listen to me?
  • I am not unique and a million other bloggers are doing the exact same thing as I am, only better.

Listen Negative Nelly, envy, no self-confidence, doubt, fear, whatever it is, you have got to let it go. It will kill you, your creativity and your blog. Surround yourself with bloggers that will lift you up and support you. Listen to motivational podcasts. Do what you have to do to get over any negative vibes.

5. What can you do today that moves you towards #1?

The best way to move forward is to put one foot in front of the other. Today. Start small. What can you do from the list you made in #3 that will start you on your way? You will be so surprised at how accomplishing even the smallest goal can spur you on and create momentum to carry on.


Yes, you heard me right, I am giving you homework. No, there won’t be a test but I promise you, the following posts are awesome. Some offer FREE tools and resources to help you master the above 5 questions. And, yes, these bloggers are rockin’ it.


Let me know if these questions helped you re-focus and get your blogging mojo back.