Have you read a gazillion posts about Pinterest but still haven’t figured out how to drive traffic to your blog? I know it can be frustrating when everyone is tooting that Pinterest is now their #1 referrer and the most you have ever seen in a day is 10. Well, stress not. I have put together this list of 65 easy Pinterest tasks that you can tackle one by one that will help you grow your followers, increase your engagement and drive traffic to your site. I assure you, this is a complete list of all the things I do that has helped me super-size my Pinterest account to 5,000 followers in 6 short months.


When I joined Pinterest in August of 2015, I had no idea what I was doing. I had crappy images on my blog, I took absolutely no time to write descriptions and I pinned my posts once, ONCE!. Suffice it to say, my Pinterest account was a Pinterest fail and I walked away from Pinterest, believing it was my niche and not my strategy that had accounted for my craptacular results. But I was so intrigued by other bloggers telling me that Pinterest was driving huge traffic to their blogs that a few months later, I set on a mission to figure out how I could capture some of those results.

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I now LOOOOOOOVVVVVVE Pinterest. It is super easy and takes the least amount of time to upkeep. The return in results is phenomenal and I wish I started years ago. If you are where I was, take my word for it, you can see a huge surge in followers and traffic if you take the time to complete these tasks.

Are you struggling with Pinterest? Want to grow your Pinterest followers and drive traffic like crazy to your blog? Pinterest is a very powerful social media tool. I have grown my Pinterest account to 5,000 followers in six months and Pinterest drives 1,000’s of refers to my blog daily. Here is my master list of 65 Pinterest tips & tricks that can yield you the same results.

65 Easy Pinterest Tasks You Need To Do Right Now

Create your Pinterest Account

  1. Create/Convert to a business account.
  2. Verify your website.
  3. Enable Rich Pins.
  4. Upload a photo, not a logo as your profile pic.
  5. Complete your bio. Infuse it with personality and keywords.
  6. Add a Call to Action, shortened url in your bio.
  7. Link your Social Media Accounts to your Pinterest profile.
  8. Create a board for your blog posts only.
  9. Create a board for your own most pinned/highest traffic posts.
  10. Create boards similar to your blog categories.
  11. Create highly, pinnable topic boards close to your niche. eg. fashion, travel, food, DIY.
  12. Complete descriptions of boards using keywords.
  13. Include your blog url at the end of each boards description.
  14. Create board covers.
  15. Organize your boards.


All about Your Pins

  1. Create a verticalΒ brand pinΒ using a 2:3 side ratio.
  2. Create a pin for every post on your blog.
  3. Complete alt tags for your pics from your blog with keywords.
  4. Have easy to find “pin it” buttons on your blog.
  5. Place a Pinterest widget in your sidebar or at the bottom of your posts.
  6. Pin every post to your blog board.
  7. Complete descriptions for your pins with keywords and enticing click worthy text.
  8. Pin your most popular posts to your “best of” board.
  9. Pin from your “best of” or blog board to your appropriate topic boards.
  10. Make sure older pins are up to date with a nice pin and good descriptions.


Grow Your Followers

  1. Join Group Boards.
  2. Create a group board.
  3. Complete the description with key words, rules and how to join.
  4. Follow Key Pinners in your niche.
  5. Follow boards and interests in your niche.
  6. Pin consistently and regularly daily.
  7. Use 1:5 ratio for pinning. Pin one of your own to five of others.
  8. Pin often to your highly pinnable topic boards. (created in tip #11 above)
  9. Curate the best content and pins in your niche.
  10. Promote your pins and profile on other social media platforms.
  11. Join in Facebook Pin shares.


Create A Pinning Strategy

  1. Create your own manual system or automate your pinning schedule with Board Booster.
  2. Create a higher frequency pinning schedule from your “best of” board.
  3. Pay attention to group board rules.
  4. Use 1:5 ratio for all pinning schedules/campaigns.
  5. Make sure every board is pinned to at least once a week.
  6. Like, comment and share (on other platforms) pins you find.
  7. Pin from your feed.
  8. Pin from popular/trending.
  9. Spread out your pinning schedule to capture different time zones.
  10. Update pin descriptions using trending keywords and re-pin to appropriate boards.
  11. Curate and pin to your boards from outside Pinterest.
  12. Make sure updated posts are pinned to your blog board.
  13. Don’t forget to add new group boards to your pinning schedule.



  1. Update profile pic as needed.
  2. Update description or change Call To Action as required.
  3. Make sure all pins on your blog boards have proper URL’s and links are not broken.
  4. If you own group boards, monitor pinner activity.
  5. Check your Pinterest analytics and your BoardBooster Reports often.
  6. Adjust pinning schedules to capture better results.
  7. Evaluate effectiveness of group boards you belong to.
  8. Find new group boards to join.
  9. Update your “best of” board.
  10. Update pinning schedules for seasonal content.
  11. Eliminate or combine your own boards that are no longer relevant to you.
  12. Create new relevant boards.
  13. Keep up to date with Pinterest algorithm, smart feed and app changes.


Curate The Perfect Pinterest Feed

  1. Follow boards and topics/interests as opposed to a pinner’s complete profile.
  2. Turn Personalization options in your settings on or off to enhance your feed.
  3. Follow high quality pinners.
  4. Like and re-pin content that you wish to see more of.


Please do not become over-whelmed with this list. Though each task is easy, it can’t all be done in a day. If fact, I suggest that you do not move forward through the list till you have a solid understanding of each section. Once you have mastered all of the easy Pinterest tasks on this list, you should have already begun to see the benefits of a solid Pinterest profile and strategy.

Good luck and please share your successes or tips in the comments below.

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