Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week, you are well aware of a post written by Josi Denise, directed at the mommy bloggers’ community. In fact, it has sparked great discussion amongst bloggers from all niches and has sent her post viral. Whether you are one of her backers or have taken offence to her words, you must accept that her post is in essence, her personal observations from her experiences as a formal mommy blogger.

I welcome Kimberly Montgomery to the blog today with her response:


Kimberly is a business owner and blogger at Fifty Jewels & Makeup Over 50. She is also the Co-Founder and Senior Editor of Making Midlife Matter, the online magazine for Midlife Women. When not schmoozing with her midlife girlfriends, you can find Kimberly hiking, kayaking or planning her next travel destination.

Kimberly Montgomery

Fifty Jewels

An Open Letter to Josi Denise

We don’t know each other. In fact, I’d never heard of you, or read your blog, until a couple days ago when a blogger friend told me about your post “Dear Mommy Blogger”.

I read it, and fundamentally agree with your message. I would expand it beyond the ‘Mommy Blogger’ niche to bloggers in any arena and suggest that a frequent ‘gut check’ would be a GOOD THING. What is your Mission Statement? Are your efforts in line with that Mission Statement? How successful have you been in moving towards that Mission Statement? What are your short term, medium term, and long term goals? (see, I just used the Oxford comma because I know you’re a fan!)

Where you lost me is when you lost yourself. When the finger wagging started. Right about here:



Now, if you had said


and went on to share a completely vulnerable, honest, open story about how you pimped yourself shamelessly by posting inauthentic reviews, following others on social media just for a follow in return – not because you found them interesting, hired a VA to link you up across the internet for endless backlinks, and FINALLY had a come to Jesus moment when you just couldn’t do it anymore, well, THAT would have been EPIC.

I would have loved a truly authentic voice about how it finally ended for you and how it came crashing down. How you felt, what made the shift in your mind, what you’ll do different now. When did your personal integrity become more important than the endless drive for more? Those are the important life lessons that need to be shared. As humans, we crave those core values.

The world is filled with billions of people, each given the gift of personal choice. And it is a gift. It’s not for anyone to tell another how to live their life. We can’t see inside their world, only they can. That’s just pointing the finger out so we don’t have to look at ourselves.

At any point in history you’ll find the lure of economic gain as a trigger for bad behavior. It’s not new. It’s a learning opportunity in life’s journey. Like loss, illness, tragedy, struggle — they’re all here to teach us lessons. The important part is that we learn from them.

You’ve had an interesting journey. I hope someday you share it from the heart.

The mommy bloggers community is up in arms about a recent post from former alumni, Josie Denise, pushing it to almost viral status.

Have you read Josi’s post? What did you think? If you wrote a post responding to her original post, please share the link in the comments.