I did not know when I wrote the post “5 Reasons I Didn’t Read Your Blog Post“, back in August of 2015, that it would become one of the most popular posts on my site. It consistently brings in traffic, usually ranking in the top 10 everyday. It has been shared over 8,000 times and as of today, has 262 comments. Many times I have thought about changing the Pinterest pin after it was pointed out to me that it looks like a toilet but hey, it keeps getting re-pinned! That is one for the “Why I did read your blog post” list.

Initially, I wrote the post as a way to vent my frustrations and I really did not expect it to be so well received. I was prepared for the backlash. I mean, honestly, who am I and why do you care I didn’t read your post? But you came, you read, you left a comment and I am so happy that you did. The copycat posts that sprung up bordering on plagiarism and not linking or crediting me, not so much. But it is what it is.

I am also pleased that some readers left honest feedback about my blog. Two of the suggestions I implemented was using a darker font and making the comment form immediately accessible without having to scroll past over 200 comments. I didn’t expect free blog advice too, but woohoo, thank you!

So just in case you didn’t have time to read all the comments on that post, here is a summary of all the reasons my readers would not read your blog post. (It’s not me this time, it’s them, so direct your wrath appropriately.)


Reasons I Didn’t Read Your Blog Post : Reader’s Response


1. Pop ups (ads or opt-in) 65

2. Visually boring/poor layout/too busy 14

3. Too many ads 12

4. Not mobile friendly 12

5. Poor content 12

6. Dark background/lack of white space 5

7. Small/light text 5

8. Typos/spelling mistakes/grammar/profanity 5

9. Load time too long 4

10. Video ads 4

11. Landing/lead pages 4

12. Bright colored font 4

13. Too many sponsored ads 4

14. Post too long 4

15. Too many Gifs 4


So what’s the good news about this list? Well, almost all of the reasons are to do with the way a site looks and it’s usability/functionality. Design choices that can be easily modified.

My reader's response to my ever popular post "5 Reasons I Didn't Read Your Blog Post". Are you manking any of these blogging faux pas? Would they read your blog?


How do you feel about this list? Do you have more to add or do you think this list is too picky?