Ok, I’m going to admit a secret pleasure. I love watching Hoarders. Primarily for 2 reasons, one is to make me feel really good about my house and second is to remind me how people get stuck.


At first glance, it looks as though it’s about all the stuff. Watch the show long enough and you find that it’s far from the heart of the matter.. There is always some other deep underlying psychological basis for the collecting. The hoard is a result of thoughts and feelings that have been allowed to fester. Eventually, the hoard becomes an excuse not to move forward.


While I must admit I have been really busy with clients, I have also been using that as an excuse for being stuck. I haven’t written anything new in weeks. The busyness has been a camouflage for the real problem. Avoiding sitting down and writing.


I’ve realized that as a blogger, I’ve allowed my working space, my mind and my processes to get cluttered. All under the ruse that I’m busy. I started to think about what are my reasons I have let stuff get so out of hand. Am I afraid of the new direction, success or my ability to handle another project? Maybe I’m just plain lazy. Geez, I hope not, though I wouldn’t entirely rule that one out.


I have a huge list running in my head ALL THE TIME, not to mention a million little scraps of paper and at least 3 different notebooks on the go.


I have huge dreams for my blog and business for 2016. There is no way I will be able to accomplish any of them in the state I’m in now. I can’t be the only one. So I’ve created a list to clean your workspace, free up your time and open your mind to create and accomplish all the goals you have for 2016.


3 Hard Core De-Clutter Tasks For Bloggers


1. Unfriend/unfollow/unlike


Ewww. That sounds awful doesn’t it? I know, you don’t want to offend anyone but hear me out.


I’m not talking about cutting out your blogging friends or blogs you really like, but…

  • Are there email subscriptions you get and never open?
  • Facebook groups you belong to but never participate in?
  • Follow blogs or people who you are no longer interested in because your direction has changed?
  • How about posts from blogs that pop up in your feed that you followed in a follow thread and were never interested in?
  • Pinners that jam up your smart feed with pins you don’t want to see? (follow boards you are interested in, not people. Unless you like everything they pin.)
  • Have you ever looked at your Twitter feed? You can’t cause it’s too big? You follow too many and need to make lists instead of following everyone.


It’s time to clean all your feeds. You don’t realize it but those unwanted things are robbing your time and your creative process. Plus, once your feed is de-cluttered you will be able to see the things you want to share or that will inspire you and not take you on an unnecessary tangent.


2. Clean your workspace


I never thought I would have to become one of those bloggers that have a blog journal, but yes I have. Enough is enough.


  • Are your passwords all saved on your phone or laptop and when you clear your cache you’re screwed and left scrambling trying to get back in?
  • Do you have notes all over the place and can’t find the one you want when you want it?
  • Are you an old geezer like me and need to write shit down before the next thought enters your head and the original idea is then lost forever?


I have created many printables and have bought a pretty binder to house them in. Every time I go to write something down, I suppress the initial urge to grab the first thing I can find to write on. No more notes on the back of receipts. (Which I have stopped collecting anyway since my 5 Easy Habits to Organize Your Life post.) I keep my blog journal with me and in arm’s reach.


I have uploaded a few of my printables on my blog. I hope to add  more soon. I encourage you to use them too. Click through to my Printables page here.


And you know what other work space needs a major clean-up? Your laptop. Mine was a complete disaster. Here are a few of the things you can do to de-clutter it.

  • create file folders for projects
  • organize pictures by social media type or post
  • delete duplicates or old versions of pics and files


3. Brain dump


Here’s the most important one, clearing out the hoard in your head. Get a notebook for this one for whenever you get stuck. Write down everything in there. I don’t care how ridiculous or far-fetched.

  • What do you hope to accomplish?
  • Are you having second thoughts about your niche?
  • What do you want to learn how to do?
  • Whose blog do you really admire? Why?
  • What post ideas do you have? (Even those that don’t fit your format)


Every thing in your head blog related, spew it out! Now close the book.


Do not look at that list today or tomorrow, maybe not even next week. Don’t look at it till you are mentally ready to look at it from a constructive place. A better idea would be to find one other blogger doing this too. Go over the lists together and decide what can be crossed off for good or pursued further.


Imagine having more time to blog. Imagine having a clearer focus. Imagine ideas flowing through you and being more creative. (Imagine I am original and didn’t steal from John Lennon.)


All you have to do is create the environment and it can happen.


Do you have any de-clutter ideas for bloggers? Are you going to try the steps above? I’d love to hear from you!

Are you feeling stuck? Maybe you have big plans for your blog this year but you are having trouble getting the ball rolling. Try these 3 de-clutter tasks for bloggers and set yourself up for your most productive year ever.