One of the most difficult things as bloggers that we can do is be brutally honest with ourselves and sometimes with each other in our communities. Hey, believe me, I get that. We are in groups to be supportive of each other. No one wants to burst anyone’s bubble or be hyper critical of someone else’s work in regard to content mistakes. Especially when we have formed relationships with these people.

But when the questions turn to:

  • why is no one reading my blog
  • why is no one leaving comments
  • why is my traffic not growing

You need to ask YOURSELF why. Why do you want more? What is your purpose?

If you write because you enjoy it and you want to be part of a community of supportive bloggers and form friendships, you have already achieved that. If you are looking for more, why?

I find so many bloggers afraid to come right out and say it. “I want to be successful”. And if you can’t say it, you can’t be it. You can not reach for a goal if you have not clearly outlined it for yourself. Success is not a dirty word. And neither is monetization if that is what you really want. Stop lying to yourself and be very clear and honest. If that is what you want, step up and say so. Only then, can the real work begin.

The most important element that changes when you decide you would like to make your blog a success or make it your business is that your focus must switch from yourself to your reader. Your blog must provide a benefit, a lesson or an experience for visitors. It has to be worthwhile and engaging. What value are you providing?

You must take a really good look at your blog through the eyes of the reader.

If you are wanting to break outside of just being read by other bloggers, be a successful blogger and/or you want to build your blog into a business, the following list is for you.


3 Content Mistakes Bloggers Need To Stop Making If They Want To Grow Their Audience


1. Using your blog as a personal journal

Unless you have a very unique writing style, are a celebrity, or you lead an outstanding, awesome life, no one is interested in your day to day activities. Sorry, but they are not.

And if you are suffering from a bad case of writer’s block, please do not resort to ideas from posts like, “1001 Blog Posts”. These kinds of posts may spark some inspiration for you but it would probably be “you” oriented, not fit into your niche and not be what your readers are wanting and expecting from your blog.

If you can not find even one keyword to use to describe your post for SEO, chances are you are journaling. Why not use that for a post on your Facebook fanpage. It is much better suited there.

If you need help coming up with blog posts, check out #2-6 on my post, 25 Incredibly Useful Tasks To Grow Your Blog Audience.

2. Blog more than three times a week

Ain’t no one got time to read you that many times in one week and honestly, I don’t know how you can write quality content more than twice a week. Each post must be formatted, configured for SEO, pics made for the post, twitter, facebook and pinterest and then promoted properly. You are a super hero if you can do all that multiple times a week. Or maybe you have a personal assistant. No? Then I have to ask if you are giving each post the proper attention required to get the most impact.

This also includes challenges of writing so many days in a row. While I do think it is a rewarding and learning experience to write everyday, unless your blog is creative writing, I bet you would have a hard time acknowledging that every post during that period fits into your blog niche and format. You don’t have to post every one to your blog.

3. Picture Post

I really do not understand the one pic stand alone post. Wouldn’t that be better suited to your Instagram account? That is what it is for.


Granted, I know I will hear from a few that will correct me and say that they have had success with the above style posts. Of course there always will be exceptions to the rule. However, if you are still on the wordpress dot com platform, this post was not intended for you.

This is for all of you that are wanting to take your blog from hobby to business. Raise your hand. Are you ready for success?

Are you ready to take your blog from hobby to business? Raise your hand and say you want to be successful! Great!Here are content mistakes you need to avoid