Do you think the only way to grow your blog audience is to promote till the cows come home, every single day?

How much time do you spend on social media? One hour? Two? More?

Social media promotion is a necessary evil for all bloggers. You have to get your name and blog out there into the blogosphere. The problem is, social media can also be a lot of fun. I have found so many friends online in blogging groups on Facebook and through hashtags on Twitter. I’ve made some real connections. How can I not be interested in what’s going on in their real lives too?

And it’s so easy to get into the mindset that the more you promote, the more traffic you will get. For most bloggers, it is a one man show. Unless you have a bucket load of money, and can hire a virtual assistant, promotion is your job too.

As someone with an accounting background, I measure everything in terms of rate of return. If I am putting a large amount of time into a strategy, I need to calculate the benefit against the time spent. Especially when it comes to social media. Let me just take at look at what’s happening online, easily transitions from one to two to three hours and more. Let’s face it, promoting includes engaging and forming solid relationships with other bloggers.

Checking in sometimes means checking out; out of your real life and unfortunately, out of writing, maintaining and upgrading your blog. You forget that your blog is your foundation and everything else should be frills and enhancements. If you’re not careful, your blogging strategy begins to resemble an upside down triangle, piling more and more tasks on the top, neglecting to expand the bottom as you build up.

A solid social media platform is important if you want to grow your blog audience, however, blog posts with awesome content wrapped up in a visually appealing platform will keep your readers engaged and coming back for more. What good is driving new traffic to your blog daily through promotion if you can not turn them into regular readers? Your rate of return will be very low.

What if I told you there were tasks you could do that would grow your blog audience AND increase the success of your social media platform? Are you in? Of course you are!

Without question it starts with great content and a regular posting schedule. You should be putting as much time and effort into writing as you do promoting. You are a blogger right? So write. And don’t tell me you don’t have time. I’ve seen your cat videos on Facebook.

Not feeling very inspired to write? That’s ok. There is still lots to do offline that will help grow your blog traffic.

Turn off those notifications, stop checking in online and let’s get back to basics, making your blog the best it can be.


25 Incredibly Useful Tasks To Grow Your Blog Audience

  1. Make sure your blog is mobile responsive
  2. Make a list of your top ten posts of all time
  3. Make a list of your most read topics
  4. Make a list of potential posts based on your top ten best posts/topics
  5. Write down in point form ideas to cover in each post
  6. Write and put some posts in your vault to cover vacation or dry idea periods
  7. Evaluate your Google Analytics
  8. Evaluate your niche and if you are targeting the right demographic
  9. Review your blog mission, rewrite if necessary
  10. Set blog goals
  11. Evaluate your social media strategy
  12. Evaluate your effectiveness of establishing a brand for your blog
  13. Re-brand if necessary
  14. Update old posts
  15. Add Pinterest optimized pics to old posts
  16. Make a template for featured pics and social media pics
  17. Review your blog format, upgrade or tweak
  18. Add keywords, tags, categories to old posts, optimize SEO
  19. Review your monetization programs, add or remove ads
  20. Make new ads to match your blog brand
  21. Review your subscription analytics
  22. Make a plan to increase email subscribers
  23. Make a freebie or printable
  24. Review your email/open/click statistics
  25. Make a newsletter template


I hope my list has inspired you to give your blog the proper love and attention it needs. The payback will be great. I promise you.

Do you have any other ideas on how to grow your blog besides social media promotion? Please share in the comments.

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Promoting on social media can be exhausting and never-ending. Use your time wisely! Grow your blog audience creating a blog that keeps readers coming back.