It is funny how a journey that begins so slowly can all of a sudden take off like a locomotive.

My very first steps in the blogging world began on Blogger in 2008. I started a debt awareness blog and then in 2010, a blog for Canadian Expats. It was started to enhance an on-line business my husband and I had shipping Canadian only products to expats living abroad and missing the tastes from home. In 2012 the economy took a downturn, the Canadian dollar was at par with the US dollar and it was no longer profitable to continue.

It wasn’t until 2014 that I was able, willing and excited to get back to blogging. I tipped my toe in the water, guest blogging on another blog and in November of the same year, I was ready to start out on my own again. LivingWithBatman was born. After a few months my initial enthusiasm faded as my personal responsibilities took a great toll on me. My mother went in the hospital for 3 months and I pretty much gave up finding the time to keep the blog going.

When everything settled down, I was anxious to get back at it again and in April of 2015 I committed to my blog. I was going to make it work or die trying. (figure of speech, honest) In June, I transferred my blog from to a self-hosted

It amazes me that in a few short months,

  • I have taken my pageviews from zero to 45,000+ a month.
  • I’ve grown my Pinterest account to 2,200 followers and have just short of 1,000,000 monthly views
  • I’ve logged 100,000 minutes watched on my YouTube channel
  • I started a FaceBook group for bloggers
  • I host a linky party every weekend
  • I’ve received payments from Google Adsense
  • And I’ve had my first paid customers for services rendered

I have learned so much. I have made some great friends from all over the world.

As was given to me, so I give to others. The one thing I have enjoyed the most in this process has been sharing my knowledge and tips that I have learned with other bloggers. I hope I can continue to do this as my blog grows.

I am so pleased to announce 3 new pages on my blog to give other bloggers an opportunity to reap some of the rewards of my hard work and endless hours on social media. This is your chance to get your blog in front of more readers and customers.

Please visit my sponsors. If you are interested in any services, please use the contact forms on the appropriate pages.

Thank you to all that read my blog, take the time to comment, are generous enough to share my content and for all of your encouragement. You all keep me going.

Come along with me.

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