Blogging is a ton of work. A TON! And I am just talking about having an idea, writing a post, making pics, tagging, categorizing, and optimizing. Doing those tasks alone would fill anyone’s day.

Now throw in the promotion. Making sure you share all of your posts on social media, at the right time and often.

Next, there areย allย the groups you participate in. You are an active part of the blogging community in general and in your particular niche.

For most of us, it is a one man show. We do it all. And there are only so many hours in a day.

Almost all bloggers will tell you that they began because of their love of writing or as a form of therapy. But something happens when they get involved. Everyone all of a sudden is concerned with pageviews, exposure and ultimately, making money. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take your blog to the next level. But you must accept how much one person can do before they burn out.

Unfortunately, many bloggers become over-whelmed, not see the results, become disillusioned and abandon their blogs. I honestly can see why. What began as writing about life, fritters away because they no longer have a life.

It is so disheartening to see great bloggers fizzle out and slowly exit our community.

I honestly blame the amount of blogging advice available on the internet. We, as bloggers, are continually bombarded with masses of information telling us what we should do, how we should do it and what we should be concerned about.

I am here to tell you to stop being distressed with every little aspect of blogging. You can not do it all. You shouldn’t do it all. You need to have a life, enjoy writing and be patient. People will find you. Trust me.

Things Bloggers Need To Stop Worrying About


Google/Alexa Ranking

I am no expert and unless you are on this topic or you can afford to pay someone to handle website optimization, you need to stop worrying about your ranking. There is so much conflicting information out there on this topic AND it is constantly changing.

There also is evidence that ranking is no longer relevant at all.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t use Yoast, add keywords and complete alt tags on your pics. However, I find the excessive obsession with ranking a complete waste of time. I do what I need to do when I create a post and then I step away.

Have a look at your favourite, largest blogs. The ones that get millions of views a month. Most of the time, I read their posts and I think there is no keyword or optimization that could possibly be done. How do they get the traffic? They built an audience on content only and stuck it out.

I have no idea what my ranking is or how many link backs I have. Search engines find me. They will eventually find you.

Number of Followers

And by this I mean on your blog and all of your social media. I know a lot of people look at my accounts and see that I don’t always follow back. That is because I refuse to get on the follow me and I will follow your back train.

I follow who I want to follow. I like to be able to look at my feeds and not have it filled with posts that I am not interested in. I like to be engaged with whom I follow.

This means that my following is not as large and has not grown as fast as some bloggers. People unfollow me all the time. So what. I would rather have an engaged audience that is interested in my blog and my profiles than a ton of people who have followed me just for the sake of numbers.

You must understand that on some platforms, particularly FaceBook, having a huge number of followers that never look at your page actually hurts you. I personally have seen accounts with thousands of followers and no retweets, no likes and no pins. How did their huge following help them? In reality, not at all.

Automatic follow threads and follow backs do not necessarily bring you more traffic and can be a huge waste of your limited time. If it doesn’t work for you, stop.


This is a huge, unnecessary time waster and well beyond the follow back I spoke of above. A lot of people get trapped into this. Bloggers are in general, great, supportive people. We want to help others and we want to reciprocate the love that comes our way.

However, if you have been blogging for any amount of time, you will see that this particular task can become really, really time-consuming.

I am here to tell you that you don’t have to read, comment, like, tweet back, pin etc. to absolutely everyone that has been nice enough to do that for you. Unless you have figured out time travel or your days have more than 24 hours, you will never be able to keep that up forever.

Conversely, you need to stop obsessing with keeping track of which bloggers you have done the above for. Be understanding. Maybe that blogger that didn’t read or comment back on your post isn’t interested in your topic or maybe they have a niche of bloggers that they are already committed to sharing with. Don’t keep a scorecard.

Read for the love of reading. Share for the love of helping. Comment for the love of adding your voice to the conversation.

Stop making your involvement in the blogging community based on self forced responsibility and engage how, when and with whom you want!


I know and accept that many will probably not agree with the above. I’m ok with that.

I love blogging. I love bloggers. I love helping my community and helping others make their blogs into everything they want them to be.

I hate seeing bloggers, that have a great voice and content, become disenchanted and give up. You are valid. Your blogs help and connect people. Your blogs are a voice for those that do not speak up. Your blogs open up a world that may be unknown or closed to some.

Stop trying to do everything. It’s just not possible.

If you need to step back, then do so. But please, don’t ever give up.

So many bloggers hit a wall, become overwhelmed and quit all together. They need to stop worrying about these things and get back to why they started a blog.