A lot of bloggers are very confused by Pinterest. They hear they should be on it. They hear other bloggers are getting huge loads of traffic from it. And wanting a boost in pageviews to their own blogs, they jump right in. Then they get upset or give up entirely because they don’t understand why they are not seeing the results that they think everyone else is getting.

Pinterest truly isn’t difficult if you break it down:

  • First, understand that Pinterest is a content curator. What that means is that people pin content they find on the internet to be able to refer to it again later. People pin information to help them plan an event, fix up their home, start a hobby or improve their lives.Think of Pinterest as the home for each pinner’s personal library on-line.
  • Second, Pinterest IS social media. People can follow pinners, invite others to their boards, like, comment and share pins. Pinterest is more like FaceBook than Twitter. It has an algorithm and just because someone follows you, or a board you pin to, does not necessarily mean they will see your pins. You must have a strategy to prove your pins are worth being shared.
  • And third and most important to bloggers, is that it has millions of users that are not bloggers. If you have been trying to break out of the “only other bloggers read my content”, this is the place to reach other readers in your niche.

So let’s take a deep breath, correct the Pinterest mistakes and create a strategy that will gradually elicit the results you are looking for.


Common Pinterest Mistakes And How To Fix Them


1. Only promoting your own content.

This strategy will only work if you already have bucket loads of followers and content that everyone wants to share. If you are starting from scratch or have very few followers, this plan of attack will not yield you any results and you will have a very difficult time growing your audience.

You need to prove to Pinterest that you are there to participate and you need to teach it that everything you pin is gold. In other words, you have to use the algorithm to expand your reach.

Better Algorithm Strategy

  • re-pin from your timeline.
  • re-pin from the “popular” category (pins with a really high number of re-pins already).
  • re-pin from the group boards you host.
  • pin directly from websites.


2. Mass following.

I see this a lot when bloggers start out on Pinterest. They go on a mass following spree, hoping that everyone follows them back. They don’t even look at who the pinners are, what they pin and if they are even active. Of course you want to grow your followers but it is more important to have a good following of pinners that are interested in your pins. What is the point of having a huge number of followers and no one re-pins you. Be smart, you want engaged pinners that like to share.

As well, remember the algorithm strategy above suggested that you pin from your timeline. If you follow pinners that pin content that you are not interested in, or you follow thousands and thousands of pinners, you will have a hard time sifting through your timeline, looking for something to re-pin.

Better Following Strategy

  • Be selective with who you follow. Do they cover topics that will help you fill your boards? Do they share information that your followers will be interested in? Do they have pins that you will want to share? Do they have pins that you are interested in reading and curating?
  • Follow boards that you are interested in as opposed to pinners. Some pinners have a hundred boards and pin a lot. If you are not interested in recipes or DYI projects, why would you want to see those pins from that pinner? Follow the boards you are interested in. Following a pinner’s board still counts as a follower for them.

3. Pin, Pin, Pin. The more the better.

Right? WRONG! The worst thing you can do on Pinterest, especially when you are a beginner and have a small following is pin a lot. You will look like a spammer and lose the little following you have. People will start to overlook your pins, especially if they see you pinning the same thing over and over and over again.

Better Pinning Strategy

  • pin manually (no sharing app) 3 times a day for 5 minutes (yes, that is all it takes in the beginning)
  • re-pin at the very least 2 others to your 1 personal pin
  • be engaged, don’t be afraid to comment, send a message or invite someone to your boards
  • use the suggestions above for where to find pins to share (under algorithm strategy)


Remember that it takes time after implementing a new strategy to see results. Be patient but consistent. And above all, have fun and share interesting stuff. It is social media yanno?!

Pinterest can drive huge traffic to your blog. Correct these common Pinterest mistakes and your pins will start to send readers to your blog in droves.


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