There are so many blogs giving out blogging advice these days. You need to wade through all the information and decide what is good for you.

It seems like absolutely everyone is giving out blogging advice these days. On every social media platform, you can find a multitude of bloggers, shelling out information about what they have learned and how you can get more blog traffic and make money. And believe me, those posts bring in huge numbers for those bloggers.

I admit that I do like to read a lot about what other bloggers are doing and how they find success. But sometimes, the information falls short. Either the post is filled with empty promises or the advice, though very informative, would only truly help bloggers that already have a substantial following. Newbies then get frustrated because they follow all the blogging advice put forth but see little to no results.

If you are new and wading through the hordes of information, take what you need and discard the rest. Some advice just isn’t going to work for you…yet. Other blogging advice, you should just not listen to at all.

3 Pieces of Blogging Advice You Should Totally Ignore

1. Write good content.

What the hell does that even mean? If I see this one, one more time, I’m going to spew chunks. Good content is so subjective isn’t it? For me, a blog about toilet training and teething is not good content but for mommies, it is.

And besides, I think everyone has read some blog that they thought was complete garbage but lo and behold they have a thousand likes and comments. You think to yourself, wtf? What is wrong with me? What is wrong with my blog? I write way better content than that!

Obviously, those blogs are reaching their intended target and is relevant to its readers. It doesn’t make your content better or worse, just that you haven’t found your audience yet.

Advice you can use:

  • find your own voice
  • write what you are passionate about
  • write like you are talking to a friend
  • tell a story, talk in the first person
  • make it personal, this is what makes your blog unique

2. How to make your blog post go viral.

No one can tell you how to go viral, NO ONE! Just like an anticipated hit movie, the producers can follow the winning formula, have a great script, pack it with mega stars, and still have a complete flop.

You can never really know how any one of your posts will be received. I know for myself, it is never the posts that I am really happy with, that get any leverage. It surprises me every time which posts get the most traffic. You can not predict audience, timing and engagement, even with the perfect topic, outstanding post and accurate promotion.

Advice you can use:

  • keep on writing
  • keep tweaking your style
  • keep promoting
  • write more posts in your most read categories
  • update and recycle old posts

3. How to make money blogging.

If you have started a blog to make money, quit now. I do believe that some bloggers make a livable income from their blogs but just like being a pro athlete, only a few make the big bucks while the rest get next to nothing.

Blogging has to be a passion. Readers recognize very quickly if you are in it to share your experiences, make a difference, solve a problem or make money. It reflects in your writing.

There is nothing wrong with making money and I believe bloggers should be rewarded monetarily. But I also believe that it doesn’t come fast or easy. Be prepared to put in a lot of hours working on your blog and years (yes, I said years) before you build up a large enough audience to see any income above your costs.

Advice you can use:

  • work for free, only for yourself
  • give your blog time to grow an audience
  • look for money-making opportunities that suit your blog’s mission statement
  • do not sell out to make a buck
  • be true to yourself and your readers


The best advice I can give is to just not give up. The bloggers that are successful have been doing it a long time. They have found their voice, defined their niche and acquired an engaged, large following. You can only do that if you just keep at it.

And honestly, you can read and implement all the advice you can find but If you really think about it, every successful blogger has broken all the rules we are told as newbies to follow.

Is there any blogging advice you hate? Please share them in the comments.

There are so many blogs giving out blogging advice these days. You need to wade through all the information and decide what is good for you.


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