It is no secret that my husband has bipolar disorder and takes a huge cocktail of drugs everyday to keep himself stable. It is almost two years since his last relapse. And while I understand that his medication, therapy and self-awareness is not a sure-fire way to stave off a future episode, I truly believe that his treatment plan is his best defence. The drugs are a huge part of making it all work.

But it seems people have a real problem with drugs.

Except alcohol, caffeine, sugar, aspartame or nicotine mind you.

Cold and flu medications, cough syrup or lozenges.

They’re ok.

Antibiotics, acetaminophen, and muscle relaxants.

Perfectly fine.

And birth control, insulin, or blood thinners.

Absolutely necessary.

All the above drugs have huge side effect lists. But hey, sometimes you just have to make a trade-off for the greater good. Am I right?

But, OMG, any prescribed medication for mental illness is evil and bad for you.

This past week I have been having a discussion with a mother who refuses to put her 16-year-old on medication for severe anxiety and depression. What the hell?! I’m sorry but I truly don’t understand her stance.

Your child is suffering and I think you should do everything you can to help. And sometimes that means medications.

The excuses that your child may be labelled or that you don’t want them to feel like they are different are futile. That ship has sailed. Believe me, your child probably already has been labelled and is acutely aware that they are different.

Is this about you or them? Because if it’s about them, stop coming at this with your own pre-conceived bullshit and do all you can to help them before it is too late.

Stop being a hypocrite.


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