Whoever said that getting old is not for sissies is right. I am convinced now more than ever that ageing gracefully does not happen naturally, unless you are George Clooney. Personally, I think he made a deal with the devil.

If you think it’s hard looking good with smooth skin, luscious hair and firm body, try it when you hit middle age and everything starts going south of the border. It’s actually cruel what peri/post menopause does to women. Like we haven’t suffered enough with the 30+ years of periods.

The other day, I’m driving along and sipping on a cold drink when I inadvertently spill some liquid on my face. I rub it off with my hand. Horrified, I feel something that can only be best described as a tree stump growing out of the side of my face! I check the mirror and sure enough, I have a thick, Grizzly Adams hair just outside the corner of my mouth. How frickin’ long has that been there? You think I would have noticed that when I put on my make-up this morning. Oh God! Has anyone else seen it? Did this thing grow like bamboo over night?

Growing old is not for sissies. Everyday reveals a fresh horror of reaching middle age. That is not ageing gracefully.

You know it’s bad enough that I have had to shave/pluck/wax a good 50% of my body my entire life but ever since I have reached middle age, hair is sprouting up all over the place and that percentage is growing. Come on now, mother nature are you kidding me? Even my spa is now packaging its waxing prices as bikini/leg for me.

Having a very open and honest relationship with my husband, he would have surely pointed it out right away if he had seen it. Especially since I have been pointing out eyebrow, ear and nose hair on him pretty regularly lately. Seemed like fun at the time. Now, not so much. I just can’t give him any ammunition like this.

And thank you to all who did not tell me while I was out running errands all day. Is this the new “There’s brocoli in your teeth” or “You have a run in your pantyhose” moment for me? Is this going to be one of those things where I am totally horrified if someone points it out but alternatively pissed when I discover it at the end of the day and no one said anything?

Not by the hair on my chinny, chin, chin.

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