Are you tired of waiting in line & the exorbitant expense of your favourite summer time indulgence.Make your own ice cappuccino at home for pennies a glass.I have spent a ton of money and vast amounts of time in drive-thrus to get my favourite summer indulgence. They should see a huge dip in sales now that I have found out how to make my own ice cappuccino at home!

Talk about a latte factor. I make it at home for pennies a glass!

No more pouring excess coffee down the drain. Simply pour it into ice-cube trays and freeze.



IMG_0835Place 7 to 8 large iced coffee cubes into a glass. Depending on your hand blender, it may be easier to use a tray that makes small ice cubes. Which ever size cubes you use, they should fill just under 3/4 of the glass. Any more and you will have overflow when you blend.



IMG_0836Pour in milk (or cream) till it covers approximately 3/4 of the iced coffee cubes.





IMG_0837Add 1 tablespoon of your favourite chocolate sauce. Use more sauce if you like a more chocolate taste as opposed to a coffee one. Another option is to use chocolate milk in the previous step and eliminate the sauce all together.



IMG_0838Blend until smooth. I usually use a pulsing action to get all the cubes to break down.




IMG_0839If the straw stands upright in your drink when you are done, you did it right!




For those cool summer nights, you can add your own special ingredient for a kick!

Save time and money by making your own ice cappiccino at home for pennies a glass. Great summer time drink. Easy recipe.