You have started a blog and you need to increase blog traffic but you are not sure how. This is a good place to start.

You have started a blog and you need to increase blog traffic but you are not sure how. This is a good place to start.

So you’ve decided to start a blog. Excellent!

  • You read all you can about how to start.
  • You pick a topic and choose a name.
  • You create a nice looking website.
  • You join all the different social media sites to promote it.
  • You write some great content.
  • You find some great pics, pick appropriate tags and post.
  • You spam your posts everywhere.

Then you wait. And wait. You get a few hits but you don’t understand why it’s not taking off. You read all the “how to’s” and followed every step. What now?

You feel like you’re standing alone at the bottom of a mountain screaming “Look at me!”. All the while you can see others on the ascent with their eyes clearing focused upwards. They don’t see you. They don’t hear you. Why? WHY?!!!

Short answer: You think blogging is a competition when it’s really a community.

Yes, there are a lot of blogs out there. Yes, it is more than likely that someone else covers your exact topic. Yes, they are probably getting a lot of hits and winning competitions and awards for their writing. How did they become so successful?

They didn’t do it alone. If you look closely, you will see that someone is holding their hand, pulling them upward while their other hand is helping pull someone else up.

holding hands

So how do you become a part of the community?

Get Involved!

  • Find and follow other bloggers on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Do not limit yourself to your genre. Don’t wait for them to find you.
  • Join blogger groups on Facebook. Here’s a link to mine: blog•share•learn
  • Be generous. Like and share other bloggers’ posts.
  • Read and comment as much as you can on other blogs. Not only will you learn from others, hone your own skills and connect with other bloggers, you will leave a footprint that says “I was here, I’m listening, come check out my blog”.
  • Participate in linky parties. Join mine here.
  • Participate in hashtags on Twitter. #MondayBlogs #ArchiveDay #SundayBlogShare #wwwblogs (there are many more)

It is so easy to become a part of the blogging community. All you have to do is:


You will see that others are more then willing to return the love.


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