It’s that time of year again. Time to put away the shorts, tees and sandals and bring out the sweaters, coats and boots.

I have 3 words to describe my winter trousseau: warm, comfy and black.

While the younger generations are all about style, sexy and colour, my fashion choices for winter are always based on the small yet existent chance I will be stranded somewhere and have to walk to get help. In the cold. With 3 feet of snow. And hurricane winds.

While I must admit, that hasn’t happenned to me ever, it could.

So, you can diss me for my style choices if you want to but don’t whine to me if you catch a cold cause you didn’t know how to dress for winter.

“For pete’s sake, you, waiting at the bus stop, in a skirt and heels, at least put on a hat.”