I’m see an alarming trend amongst some of my friends lately. They are up sizing. And I don’t mean at the drive-thru window. They are buying bigger houses.

I get that they are probably at their highest earning level of their working careers.

I get that their children have left home and they now have more disposable income.

I get that they couldn’t have anything nice when the kids were small because they broke, scratched and dented everything.

I get that they were cash strapped and focused on the needs of the children early on and now it’s their time to get what they want.

I’m not even going to try to change their minds on how ridiculous I think it is to take on a huge new mortgage in their fifties. Especially in this economy.

If they want to put off retirement till they are at least 65, in return for a bigger house now, go for it.

If you are thinking about up sizing your house, let me put it in mathematical terms you may understand.

Bigger home=more room=your children move back in
+their spouses
+their kids
+their pets
+their stuff
=you should have downsized instead