The main reason to use blog hashtags on Twitter is to connect with other bloggers, widen your own audience and to find new, interesting blogs to follow. So before you go and spam your new blog post using a hashtag and fill your timeline retweeting other bloggers’ posts, here are three simple rules to make it a successful hashtag:

1. Read the post

How do you know you are not retweeting porn or a point of view you don’t agree with. Unless, of course, you want to tweet porn, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. That moment was brought to you by Jerry.

2. See number 1

The whole point of the hashtag is to bring more traffic to blogs, not increase the number of tweets. A check of blog stats can verify post/twitter traffic.

3. Go back to 1

If you haven’t read the post, don’t bother retweeting it. Personally, I would rather you read my post and not retweet than just retweet because you feel you have an obligation to retweet me because I retweeted you.

Ok, so this turned out more like a rant than tips.

Thank you for reading!