I know I’m getting older but are kids getting out of school younger?

I have always felt a certain comfort in dealing with people who hold certain positions being older than I am. As each birthday passes, I feel that comfort being ripped away from me.

Have you ever gone to a parent/teacher meeting and mistaken the teacher for a student?

Ever been pulled over and chastised for speeding by a cop who looks like he just dressed up for Halloween?

Worse than that though is going in to get a minor procedure done in hospital and finding out Doogie Howser will be operating. I’m listening to him explain the details of during and after but I don’t hear a word because all I’m thinking is “How old are you?”

And nothing freaks me out more than boarding a plane and glancing into the cockpit to see the pilot who I think isn’t even old enough to have his driver’s license. Give me Sully please! If you have my life iin your hands, I want experience over education.

Did I look that naive and young at their age? I don’t think so but, you know, the memory is going.