So what is life after 40 like for a single gal these days? I don’t know because I’m waaaay past that and happily married! Something tells me it’s not quite the albatross it use to be. Women over 40 are confident, smart and independent. The need to be someone’s arm candy is long gone. Still, they’re not dead yet! lol A girl’s gotta have some fun.

And my friend Laura knows how to have fun! I’m telling you that you just can’t make some of this stuff up! Be sure to check out her blog. I’m warning you, she’s sassy!

I am so pleased to have Laura from Skinny and Single share a few thoughts about life after 40.

Life After 40

So here I am thirty years ago, using a coat hanger to put on my pants. I’m here spending an hour doing my hair and makeup, drowning in perfume.

Here I am twenty years ago, I have to walk at least ten kilometres a day and spend three hours in the gym to have this perfect body.

Here I am ten years ago, staring at my wrinkles in the mirror, worried about how fast I am aging.

Here I am now, I look in the mirror and I’m happy with myself.

The wrinkles tell my story. The makeup and fake nails have been removed. The hundred-dollar haircuts and facials are a thing of the past.

I’m happy to be in the calm, getting older is awesome and it’s a privilege to be here. I’m grateful, grateful for my great ass, you betcha.

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