Fifty. Is that the age that sexy is over-thrown by comfort? White granny panties. Don't knock them till you try them.

There something absolutely freeing about letting go of the idea that I will never be called sexy again, except from my husband of course. I can now choose clothes for comfort, not style.

So…so long thongs that ride up my ass giving me an all day, self inflicted wedgie.

Hello, white granny panties, that cover and snuggly keep all my jiggly bits somewhat hidden.

Sayonara, stiletto heels that get caught in grates. Hello flats, that don’t swell my feet.

Au revoir short mini skirts, that need constant adjusting to prevent a full moon showing.

Hello, long, floaty fabric that make me feel like a princess and never fail me on a windy day.

Embrace your age, embrace the comfort. Go ahead, dress for you. It’s your time.